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Air Conditioned Student Apartments in Tucson – All about your AC system

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARE OF YOUR AIR CONDITIONER. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM AT ALL TIMES: Please note that you can be charged for the cost of repairing or replacing of your apartment’s 
air conditioner unit if you do not observe the following instructions:

1. Press the “Mode” button on the thermostat until either “Cool” or “heat” shows up on the display. Set the temperature to the desired level by pressing the up and down arrow buttons. DO NOT set the “Mode” to the position that would have the word  “Fan” show up on the display. The “Fan” setting allows the fan to run constantly without any heat or cold. Please DO NOT set the temperature below 65. Doing so would cause a freeze-up resulting in extensive damage to the unit.

2. Please do not place your bed too close to the A/C unit, particularly if you have loose sheets, blankets, or bedspreads on your bed. These items can cling to the air vents of the A/C unit and block them. This will then result in the unit overheating and damaging the compressor and other parts.

3. Never set the “Fan” to the “on” position. Doing this will leave the fan running non-stop. The fan turns on and off automatically as needed to maintain the temperature that you have set.

4. You are responsible for keeping your air conditioner’s filter clean. It is a very simple procedure. There are two filters located just below air blower vents, as shown below. Simply lift up the filters and take them out. Then simply wash them off and let them dry, and then re-insert them back into their housing (Please see drawing below.).

Student Apartments Tucson AC Systems

Your air conditioner filters must be cleaned at least once a month. If the units are damaged because you fail to clean the filters on a regular basis, you will be charged for the cost of repair/replacement of the air conditioners.
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