Student Living in Tucson

Items we loan out

For our residents, particularly our short term rental guests, in order to continue provide the most enjoyable student living in Tucson experience possible, we have a number of items that you could borrow from us. These items are only available to be loaned out during office hours: 9 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on the weekends.
Any of these items can be borrowed at no cost to you, for up to two hours only, and must be returned before the office is closed every day.  You must fill out a request form online by CLICKING HERE, and then fill out the form and submit it, so it can be e-mailed to us, specifying which items you need and when you wish to come to pick them up.
Once we receive your request, we will reserve the item for you. We will e-mail, call or text you to let you know if the item you wish to borrow is not available at the time you want it,  and we will let you know when it will be available, either before or after the hours you originally requested. You can then modify your original e-mail, by forwarding your original e-mail and then modifying the time you wish to pick it up from amongst the time options we tell you it is available.
When you come down to the office to pick up the items you wish to borrow, we will time-stamp your e-mailed request to establish the time you took the item and you will have two hours from that time to bring it back.
At the time you pick up the item, you will have to pay a deposit for each item equal to the cost of the item as listed, or we will require your credit or debit card, to which we will charge the cost of the item, if it is not returned within two hours.

Note: This is a courtesy service provided for our guests to help ensure the best possible Student Living in Tucson experience. We ask that you please do not abuse this service.

Here are the list of the items and their cost if you fail to bring them back in a timely manner:

Carpet Shampooer – $200
Vacuum Cleaners – $75
Broom – $10
Dust Pan – $10
Irons – $15
Ironing Boards – $25
Hair dryer – $25
Garment Steamer – $35
Luggage Scale – $100