Tucson Student Housing Application

Tucson Student Housing Application Review and Approval

Once you fill out your application and click the “SUBMIT” button, your application will immediately be mailed to us, and you will also be re-directed to Sahara Apartments page on the website of a company called “Western Reporting”.

On that page, you will be asked to fill out some information and electronically authorize Western Reporting to run your credit report and your background check, as an applicant, or just the credit report, in case of your guarantor.

At the end of this process, you will be asked to pay the $50 application processing fee. For the guarantor, there is no fee to be paid, because the fee paid by the applicant also covers the cost of obtaining the guarantor’s credit report, if applicable.

If on your Tucson student housing Application you do not provide every document we need to review and process your application by uploading such documents during the filling out of the application, then we will contact you and ask you to send such documents to us by e-mail and we will discuss with you any other questions we may have about your application.

Then, with all necessary documents and information in hand, we will review your application, and will hopefully approve it.

Once we have approved your application we will e-mail you an “Approval Letter” which will list your name, the floor plan you have selected, the monthly rent, the payment method you have selected, and the start and end dates of your lease.

We will then also send you ALL of your invoices, which will include one invoice for your move-in costs, and all the invoices based on the payment method you have selected, and which we have approved as indicated by our acceptance of your payment choices without requiring any modifications to it.

So, you could get either 3 invoices for the 20%, 40% and 40% of total annual rent for your apartment, if you selected our standard payment plan, or you may receive 12 monthly invoices, if you selected the monthly payment option, or a different number of invoices as you requested on your application under an alternative payment plan that you may have requested and which we have approved as indicated by not requiring any modification to your proposed payment plan.

Once you receive the invoice for your move-in costs, you will have 48 hours to make payment, using your selected payment method, in order to guarantee your reservation. If there are special circumstances that might require a longer period for you to make payment, you must call and make special arrangements.

To pay with a check or money order, please send it to us at: TBM Equities LLC 919 N. Stone Avenue, Suite 1101, Tucson, AZ 85705


If you like to pay with your credit or debit card, you can click on the link that will be embedded in the e-Mail to which each of your invoices will be attached, that is labeled “View & Pay”. Click this link which will take you to our Payment site. You can then select the “Credit Card” option on that page and proceed to pay with Credit or Debit card. Using this payment method has a 4% fee attached to it, that will already be on your invoice.

Once we have received your “move-in costs”, this payment shall serve as a “ non-refundable ” holding deposit to guarantee your apartment for you. Then 60 days before your move-in date, or immediately if your application is approved less than 60 days from your move-in date, your first payment of 20% of rent must be paid.

If you have selected a month to month payment plan, then your first month’s rent will be due 60 days before your move-in date, or if your application was approved less than 60 days before your move-in date, then the first month’s rent will be due immediately along with your move-in costs invoice.

If you cancel your reservation after paying the “non-refundable” holding deposit (which is equal to your move-in costs), and the first 20% of rent, or your first month rent, or if you do not show up to take possession of your apartment and pay the balance that will be due upon moving in (40% of the total contract price) you will forfeit your “Holding Deposit” as well as the 20% payment or first month rent, and you will still be liable for the payment of the remaining installments, because the lease that you sign is a contract that is for the entire year’s rent, and it does not contain an early termination clause.

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