Student Housing Tucson FAQ's

Student Housing Tucson FAQ’s

Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Click on any of the questions below to reveal the answer.

What are payment methods I can use to pay my invoices from Sahara?

Who should I make my checks payable to?

How many apartments are there at the Sahara?

How big are the apartments and how do they compare to the UofA dorm rooms (Resident Hall)?

Is parking available at the Sahara Apartments?

Are there ADA compliant apartments students in wheelchairs?

Is the Sahara owned or operated by the University of Arizona or in any way affiliated with the University?

How are the studio apartments furnished?

What should I bring to Sahara Apartments?

What are building amenities at the Sahara Apartments?

Are there strict rules and regulations at Sahara?

How do I reserve a space at Sahara Apartments?

What does it take to financially qualify for a space at the Sahara?

Does Sahara Apartments offer optional payment plans for rent?