Student Housing Floor Plans Tucson

Here is how you can qualify to rent at Sahara:

1. If you have a Financial Aid or a full scholarship that pays not only for your school tuition and fees but also pays you enough for your living expenses, then we can qualify you based strictly on your Financial Aid.

2. If you have only a partial scholarship that pays for your school costs but not your personal expenses, then one of your parents, or for that matter a third party, can serve as your guarantor. Such a guarantor would have to authorize us to run their credit report, which should show at least a 700 FICO score, and otherwise be acceptable to us, in terms of other items shown on their report.

3. If you pay the rent for the entire period of your lease in advance.

4. If you have a job that pays you enough to pay your living expenses, AND you have been at the same job for at least a year, AND we can talk to your employer and establish to our satisfaction that you are likely to stay on that job for the duration of your lease. Depending on the level of confidence may develop about the longevity of your job, we may approve you only with an extra amount of security deposit, typically at least equal to 1.5 months worth of your rent including the “Utilities and Services Fee”.

5. The way we determine how much money you should have left in your budget after paying for all school tuition and fees is that as a minimum you should have a minimum of $500 a month above and beyond what your rent will be at Sahara.

6. Lastly, we are always willing to consider special circumstances and see if we can find a way to approve you. If, however, you do not clearly fit in one of the above categories, please make sure that when you fill out the online application, and get re-directed to the Sahara Apartment’s page on the website of a company called Western Reporting, where you would normally fill out an authorization form to allow us to pull your credit and background check reports, and where you would have to pay a $50 application fee, DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM OR PAY THE APPLICATION FEE. Just send us an e-mail after you submit your application and ask that we contact you to discuss your financial situation.