Student Housing Floor Plans Tucson

Student Housing Floor Plans

We offer studio apartments and a limited number of one and two bedroom apartments. Floor Plans A and B can be occupied by two roommates*. Double occupancy rates for Floor plan “A” are $315 per month per person and floor Plan “B” are only $300 per month per person.

In addition to the apartment rents, we charge a fixed monthly fee of $100 for single occupants and $50 per each double occupant called the “Utility and Services charge” that pays for the following utilities and services:

High Speed Wired Internet

(Wifi Access points available with a $40 Refundable Deposit)

Local broadcast television service in the apartment
Daily shuttle service to UA campus every half hour
Nightly shuttle service to grocery store
Saturday shuttle for mall shopping
Bicycle Service

(Free use of a bicycle with a $175 refundable deposit)
Mail/Packages Receiving & Delivery Service

*At this time we cannot match you with a roommate. We can only accommodate you in a double occupancy apartment if you have your own roommate, who must also be a full time student. Each of you would have to apply separately by clicking on the “Apply Online” button.

Click on the floor plans below for a larger image, Rental Rates & Total Move-In Costs.

Student Housing Floor Plans

$650 $550 Single Occupancy
$375 $315 Double Occupancy
Student Housing Floor Plans

$620 $520 Single Occupancy
$350 $300 Double Occupancy
Student Housing Floor Plans

$585 $495 Single Occupancy
Student Housing Floor Plans

$565 $475 Single Occupancy
Leased Out. Unavailable.

Student Housing Tucson

$650 $550 Double Occupancy
Apt 1201 – Available
Apt 1202 Leased out. Unavailable

$1200 $900 Single | $620 $520 Double
Apt 1203 Leased out. Unavailable
Apt 1204 Leased out. Unavailable

Click on these links to see interior pictures of each floor plan: Plan A | Plan B | Plan C | Plan D