Sahara Apartments Intercom system

How does the Sahara Apartments Intercom System work?

Sahara Apartments’ Intercom System is located at the front gate of the building, on Stone Avenue. When you move into Sahara Apartments we ask for your phone number. This number is then programmed into the Intercom System at the front gate. Once your name and phone number are programmed into the system, a 4 digit code is automatically generated which will appear after the listing of your name on the one line display of the Intercom System. You should write this 4 digit code down and/or memorize it so you can give it to anyone who may come to visit you. The system will then allow the following functionality:

1- Letting your visitors in remotely:

Student Housing Tucson Security System IntercomBy giving your visitors your unique 4 digit code, you will enable them to come to the gate and simply enter your code into the keypad of the Intercom System to talk to you. The only way the gate can be opened remotely is by someone calling you from the intercom box (Pictured left). A call to your cell phone directly from their cell phone will not work. Your visitor must be using the intercom system at the gate for the remote system to release the lock for them.

Once they call you using the intercom, your cell phone will ring and you can then open the gate remotely by simply entering 9 on your cell phone’s keypad. Your visitor will hear a long continuous tone and will be able to pull the gate open.

If your visitors do not have your 4 digit code:
Visitors can look you up on the system Sahara Apartments Intercom system by pressing either the “A” or the “Z” button (Pictured right). The “one line display” will show the name of the Sahara resident whose name happens to be right in the middle of the alphabetical list of resident names. Then, using the “A” key for up or the “Z” key for down, your visitor can navigate up or down the list of residents until they see your name displayed at which time they can press the “Call” button and the system will then dial your cell phone. Follow the same procedure as above and let them in by pressing 9 on your phone.

2- Letting yourself in with your phone if you lose your “iButton” (key):

If you ever forget or lose your “iButton,” you can also let your self in by either using the 4 digit code or locating your name on the resident list on the intercom box and pressing the Call button. This process will let you into the building, but if your apartment door is locked, you will need to use the emergency help as described in the next paragraph.

3- Seeking Emergency Assistance:

If you are ever in need of emergency help and you need to call us while you are at the front gate of the building, you can press 1000 on the keypad of the Intercom System. This system will dial the staff member that is “on call” to answer all emergency calls. Currently, the system is programmed to call Sahara’s owner and manager Ted Mehr’s cell phone. If by any chance you get no response from that number, try entering 1001. That will connect you to Ted Mehr’s home phone number.