Tucson Student Housing mail services

Mailboxes and Packages

Tucson Student Housing mail servicesUnited States Post Office (USPS) Mail Delivery:
Outgoing Mail is sent out by putting it in the long slot marked Outgoing Mail in the mail box row. (The slot is shown in the photo to the left) Mail is picked up daily, and usually in the late afternoon.

Incoming Mail – As a tenant you are assigned a mailbox when you arrive at Sahara Apartments that is numbered the same as your room number. The key to your mailbox is a small bronze key attached to your room key (Pictured right).Tenant Mail Key - Student Mail and Package service It is up to you to fill out the pink form inside the mailbox to say you now live in that apartment – even if you have already reported your change of address to the post office. Leave the pink form in your mailbox for pick up by the mailman. Filling out this form is essential to ensure the placing of the correct mail into your mailbox daily.

If a letter or a package comes to Sahara without an apartment number on it, the postman delivers it to the rental office. The office staff will then locate the number of your apartment – when they get a chance – and return it to the postman the following day. This may delay the delivery of your mail a day or two. In other words, please make sure your business associates, school and friends are always putting your apartment number on your letters!

Before you check out of Sahara, please fill out a change of address form found on www.usps.gov and put a copy in the outgoing mail slot. Failing to do so may result in you not receiving your future mail that is addressed to you here.

** Check your email & mailbox daily! ** This is essential, as your mailbox is small. Overflow mail will be left in the office, which may result in delivery delays. Small packages that fit in the mailbox will be placed there for you to retrieve daily. Again, we suggest you check every day for mail and packages.

Packages larger than your mailbox.
There are two other methods to get large packages here at Sahara. The mailbox area has 5 large package delivery boxes.

1. If you find a separate key in your mailbox, it means the postman has left you a package in one of the five large package boxes found on the far right of the mailbox row. (This key is pictured on the below left)

The name of the correct package box, with your package in it, is written on the key tag. You must match the name on the key to the correct package box to retrieve your package.

Leave the key in the door of the box after you open the package box.
The names/numbers of the package boxes are PL- 1, PL-2, PL-3, PL-4 and PL-5. If all five of these boxes are full, the mailman will bring your package into the office for you to pick up. If you don’t check your mail, you won’t know you have a package waiting for you. It is a great idea to stop ordering items for delivery here long before you plan to return home, or plan a move to another location. The key to open the package box doors, stays in the door after you open it.

The mailman may remove the keys when he arrives each day, or leave them in the door until he needs a key. Do not try to remove the keys. The key will not come out! It is okay to leave the package key in the door.

2. If the package is too large and/or heavy to be left in the box, the package will be left in the office for you to pick up.

Whenever the office staff receives a package (from whatever source) for you to pick up, you will receive an email from us. Please pick it up as soon as possible.

To ensure you get our emails, make sure the office staff has your current email address. If you have changed your email address, you can update it with us in the Resident Information Change Form.

UPS, FED EX, DSL, ON Trac and other package delivery companies – drop off packages at various times during the day. It depends on their schedule. If you are expecting a package, watch your email. You will receive an email from the office staff as soon as your package arrives. Please pick up the package as soon as possible, as we receive many packages. If you have not received an email, you do not have a package for pick-up.

Be sure to check your email & mailbox daily! We can’t stress this action enough. Your package will be in the leasing office until you come to pick it up. Please come to pick it up during our regular business hours. This is especially important during the holiday season. Our leasing office gets filled with packages.