Student Housing Parking and Transportation in Tucson


Only about one-third of Sahara Apartments residents have their own cars. Most residents either walk, bike to school, or take advantage of our shuttle service. Below is a description of our Shuttle Service followed by details of how our “Free Bicycle Program” works. If you are planning on having your own car while at Sahara you can rent a secure parking space.

Student Housing Parking and Transportation in tucsonSAHARA SHUTTLE SERVICE: During the academic year our shuttle van leaves from the Sahara on the hour and on the half hour mark, starting with 7:00 AM. with the last departure at 6:30 PM. Our pickup times are 15 and 45  minutes past each hour, with the first pickup at 9:15 AM and the last one at 6:45 PM. We drop off at, and pickup from, a spot designated by the University for us to drop off and pickup our residents. Please click here for our current Shuttle Schedule. During the summer months, that is between the time the last spring semester classes end and the next fall semester classes begin (typically between May 15 and August 22, approximately) we set up special schedules based on demand for the service.

SafeRide PROGRAM: Starting at 6:30 PM the University’s SafeRide Program is available. This program allows UA students on campus to call the SafeRide Program phone number and request a ride to any location within their operating boundaries. Even though the Sahara is officially outside of the set boundaries of this program, they have included the Sahara as an acceptable destination due to our close proximity and the fact that we are an all student building.

Free Bicycle Rental Program Tucson | Sahara ApartmentsFREE BICYCLE PROGRAM: If you would like to bike to the campus – which only takes about 7 minutes – we will give you a bicycle and a lock to use for free while you live at the Sahara. All that is required is a “Refundable Security Deposit” of $175.00, and we will give you a bike, a “U”lock, and a “night light kit.” When you return the bike at the end of your lease, you will get your deposit back. You are responsible for maintaining and repairing the bike as needed as if it were your own. Though we do not make a commitment to do so, we often help our residents fix most of the minor repairs needed by loaning them tools, giving advice, and often actually fixing the problem for them (Depending on the type of repair needed and the availability of our maintenance personnel.). If you need professional help for the repair of the bike, there is a bike shop two blocks south of Sahara, and plenty of others immediately around the campus.

: With the very moderate winters and mostly sunny days in Tucson, walking to campus is a great option providing a terrific opportunity for a minimum amount of physical activity. It takes approximately 20 minutes each way to walk to and from the campus. Or, you can walk one way and take the shuttle for the trip back.

PARKING: If you are planning to have your own vehicle while you live at the Sahara, you must rent a parking space (We have only open air parking spaces available.). These spaces are behind our locked autogates and surrounded by our perimeter wall with security cameras monitoring the areas – our infrared perimeter alarm system is in place to protect against intruders entering the parking area unnoticed. Parking spaces are rented at only $25 a month. You will be assigned a specific parking space reserved for your use only.

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