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How to make a payment:

Please note that each invoice that you have received has a date which indicates when it is due unless there is a separate “Due Date” box that also appears on the invoice, in which case the date in the “Due Date” box will be the due date of the invoice. Please remit payment at your earliest convenience to make sure that we receive your payment in a timely manner. The invoice also includes a link, a blue colored button labeled “View & Pay” at the very bottom of the e-Mail to which the invoice is attached. Clicking on this blue button will take you to a secure site where you can pay for your invoice using the credit or debit card which will cost you 4% of the amount being paid, or through your bank via electronic transfer which is free of any fees. Alternatively, you can pay by cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or personal check.

Below is more information about each payment method:


1- Electronic Checks: If you are based in the U.S. and have a bank account at a U.S. bank, we recommend that you use the electronic check method of payment, because it will cost you nothing, as opposed using a credit card or debit card that cost 4% or a wire transfer through your bank which typically cost between $25 and $40.

To use this method, simply go back to the e-Mail to which your invoice is attached. Go to the bottom of the e-Mail and click on the blue colored “View & Pay” button. This will take you to our payment processing page. You are presented with two options. “Credit Card” and “Bank”. Select the bank option and in the drop-down form, enter your bank account number and your bank’s Routing Number. Save this form if you have other invoices from us that you want to pay by this method. You can then click the button to pay the bill. That is it. The funds will then be taken out of your account electronically and deposited in our account and there is no fee for using this method.

2- Electronic Funds Transfer through your Bank: Most United States banks nowadays allow you to make electronic payments directly from your bank account to our bank account and typically there is no fee for doing so. If you wish to use this method, and you have never done this before, just check with your bank and get the instructions. This method may sometimes cost you some fees depending on which bank you use and how quickly you need to get the payment to us. To arrange for electronic funds transfer you will need our bank information, a link to which will be included on all invoices we will send you.

3- Personal Check, Cashier’s check or Money Order: You can also pay with your personal check, but if choose to do so please realize that we will not consider the payment received until 5 business days after we receive your check in the mail, therefore the processing of your application, or crediting of your payment to your account will not be effective until 5 days after we receive your check. In addition, you may pay by Cashier’s Check or Money Order, which will be credited to your account immediately upon receipt.

4- Credit or Debit Card: We realize that sometimes it is more convenient to use a credit or debit card to make payment, or you may actually may wish to utilize your line of credit with your bank or credit card company and technically “Borrow” the money to pay us. For your convenience, we are able to receive payment via credit card and debit cards. But please notice that if you pay by a credit (or debit) card, there will be a 4% “Convenience Fee” that will be charged to your account.


1- International Wire Transfer through your bank:
If you are going to be making your payment while still in your home country, the best method for payment would be to wire the funds to us through your bank. While your bank will charge you a small fee for the wire, the cost may still be less than using a credit or debit card. To arrange for wiring funds you will need our bank information. The link to a page containing our banking information will be included all invoices which we will send you. When you receive your invoice(s) from us, there will be a link in the e-Mail to which the invoice is attached, that will take you to a web page that will provide our banking information that you would need to provide to your bank in order for them to wire us the funds to pay for your invoice(s).

2- Credit or Debit Card: It may be faster and more convenient for you to pay by credit or debit card, than by going to your bank and arranging for a wire transfer. For your convenience, we have made arrangements to be able to receive payment via credit or debit card. But please notice that if you pay by a credit (or debit) card, there will be a 4% “Convenience Fee” that will be charged to your account.