Sahara Apartments Student Housing Tucson is a No smoking building

Tucson Student Housing Rental rate Reduction

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Rental Rates:

sexy feeling tablets names medicine The rates shown below apply to full-time students. If you are not a student, we can accommodate you in our short-term rental section for either nightly or monthly stays. To see our short term rental rates for both nightly and monthly stays, please click on the “Short Term Rentals” menu tab on the left.

All our RENTAL RATES include revatio price walmart ALL UTILITIES, including electricity with no maximums, Wired & Wireless high-speed Internet, Free High Definition broadcast TV service with 27 channels, & much more. For a full list visit OUR AMENITIES PAGE

*For other possible arrival and departure dates, please call our office.

** Additional Details: **

Even though we quote our rates as a monthly rate, we do not normally collect the rent on a monthly basis. When you sign a lease, in reality, the entire amount of the contract is due at the time of signing. However, we do provide our standard 3 installment payment plan as described below, which is based on the fact that most U.S. based students get financial aid such as Scholarships, Grants, and Loans. The financial aid is distributed to the students in two installments; one-half on August 1 of each year and the other half on January 1 of the following year.

However, not all U.S. based students get financial aid, and certainly most international students, either do not get Financial Aid, or such aid is not distributed to them on the same dates as the U.S. based students.

So, our standard Installment Plan may not work for you. In that case, we can make arrangements with you based on an alternative installment plan that fits your particular financial situation and ability to pay, which may be as frequently as monthly payments.

So, when you fill out your application online, you will have to choose your “Installment Payment Plan” which will either be our standard payment plan as described below, monthly payments, or another payment plan that you can propose to us. We will then review your installment payment request during our review of your financial situation, your credit report, taking into account your ability to provide us with a financial guarantor such as parents, your government, or your other sponsors, before we issue our final approval of your application.

Our standard payment plan is as follows:

• 20% on June 15th or at the time of signing the lease if after June 15.
• 40% on August 15th, or upon moving in if earlier than August 15th.
• 40% on January 15th.

Parking is available at $25.00 a month. There is a $30.00 refundable deposit for your remote auto gate opener.

Floor plans “A-1” and “A-2” are identical – the 1 and 2 simply indicate if the apartment is furnished to accommodate 1 or 2 students. Floor plan “A” has a balcony, floor plans “B”, “C”, & “D” do not. All apartments are 24′ X 14′ or 336 square feet, except floor plan D which is 280 square feet. Visit our Floor Plans Page for more info.

“A” & “B” floor plans have full-sized refrigerators and oven ranges. Floor plans C & D have mini-refrigerators and a 2-burner cooktop. All apartments have the same size microwave oven.

Apartments available for month to month rentals are the “A” floor plans only. They are fully furnished and come with all bed and bath furnishings and include all kitchenware as well. These apartments can be rented to one person or to two roommates. However, you must bring your own roommate. Both roommates must be full time students.