Tucson Student Housing Roommate Matching


If you have chosen to rent a double occupancy apartment and you already have a roommate who is also applying to live at Sahara, then we will simply make sure you are assigned the same apartment. However, if you want to have a roommate but do not already have a roommate who will be coming with you to Sahara, then we can help you select your roommate from amongst the list of all other future residents of Sahara who are also looking for roommates.

In order to match you with a roommate, we use a private “Roommate Matching Form”. In early August, we will send an invitation to all of the students who have applied to live in a shared apartment but do not already have a roommate. The invitation will include a questionnaire to be filled out by each roommate matching candidate.

The questions are designed to allow everyone to review the information about everyone else and decide who might make a good roommate for them. They can then contact each such potential roommates by phone or e-mail and communicate directly with each other, to determine if they can agree to become roommates.

Once two students decide to become roommates, they will both send us an e-mail, letting us know that they have selected each other as roommates. We will then assign those two students to the same apartment.

If by the time you are supposed to move in (typically August 15th), you still have not found a roommate, then our office staff will do their best to match you with another student based on the information you have provided on your roommate matching page. While we will attempt to select a roommate for you whom we believe would be compatible with you, you will have to understand that and acknowledge that such a method is inexact and that we can in no way guarantee that your roommate will be compatible with you.

There are rare occasions when roommates, do not get along with each other and conflicts arise. we have a procedure for addressing such issues that are spelled out in your lease. Please make sure you read the Roommate Matching section of your lease to find out the process of conflict resolution between roommates.

NOTE: While we allow roommates to be of the opposite sex if you are over 18 and choose to do so on your own, we will not match a male and a female roommate when we do the roommate matching for you.