Safety and Security for Students in Tucson

Safety and Security

We take Safety and Security for Students in Tucson very seriously at Sahara Apartments. Our high-tech security systems include locked gates with electronic keys, Security Cameras, Intercom Systems, fire protection system and much more.
• Gated community, with gates that are kept locked at all times.
• Solid Core apartment doors hard much harder to break into and keep outside noise out better than Hollow Core doors.
• Gated parking lot with security camera monitoring.
• 80 security cameras recording 24/7.
• Programmable access room keys which can never be duplicated.
• At least one, and often several staff members who live on-site so that they can respond to any events requiring management attention.

Gated community:

Our high-tech security systems include locked gates with electronic keys, apartment doors with electronically programmable deadbolts, perimeter fencing topped with motion sensors, and remote control openers for parking lot gates.

Security cameras:

We have 80 security cameras that monitor the entire complex with a 24-hour recording of perimeter walls as well as all public areas of the property.

Intercom system:

Our main gate’s intercom system allows our residents to use their cell phones or land lines to remotely open the security gate for visitors.

Concrete Block Structure:

Sahara’s structure is made of concrete blocks walls and the floors and ceilings are made of concrete slabs. Unlike wood frame buildings, our structure helps reduce noise travel between apartments and will slow the spread of fire.

Fire protection system:

Our fire protection system consists of hard-wired smoke detectors in each room which alert management on a 24/7 basis if smoke is detected in any of the apartments. The system identifies the apartment number that is setting off the smoke detector in order to give us a chance to check it out. The smoke detector system is also connected to an outside monitoring service on a 24/7 basis that calls us immediately to let us know of smoke alarm both during and after our office hours.

Sahara’s sprinkler system

is activated if the temperature in any room reaches a certain level. At that point, the sprinkler system will turn on automatically, and the commencement of water flow will automatically cause a dedicated phone line to call the Fire Department.