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Sahara Short Term Rental Accommodations in Tucson

Our Short Term Rentals serve three types of clients:


Sahara Apartments offers Short Term Rentals in Tucson in order to serve the needs of short term visitors to the University of Arizona. Such visitors include, CESL students who come to UA for short term courses, visiting scholars, researchers, exchange students, and participants in short term workshops, courses and projects, who come to work with the various academic departments at the UofA for few days to a few months.

Other visitors who come to do business with UA’s non-academic departments also qualify to stay at the Sahara. In both cases, however, the appropriate UA department with whom such visitors will be doing academic work or business, must either make the reservations and be financially responsible for them, or ask us to make direct arrangements with those visitors who will be financially responsible for their own accounts.


The short term rental accommodations are available for visiting friends and family of our residents, as well as those students and their family who come to Tucson to visit the UA in the process of evaluating the UA as a prospective school to attend, or when family members of a new UA student come to Tucson in order to attend orientation, or find and arrange for permanent housing for their UA student family member, or when such family members come to Tucson to attend events such as “Family Weekend” or “Homecoming”.

The availability of our short term rental accommodations is especially useful for international students who often arrive without having the bedroom and bathroom furnishings, they need, such as sheets, blankets, towels etc. By staying in one of our short term rentals for the first night or two, they can then take advantage of our “complimentary shopping trip” arrangements whereby we take our new residents in our shuttle van to Wall Mart or other similar stores, where they can purchase the furnishings they need.


Even though our short term rental accommodations are not normally available to the general public, during certain special occasions such as the Tucson Gem Show, and in cooperation with Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau (MTCVB), we do occasionally offer our short term rentals to the visitors coming to town for some special events.

To see if we may be offering our short term rental accommodations to you even though you may not be a student or a family member or friend of a student residing at Sahara or attending the UA, please call us and one of our staff members can help you.

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