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Sahara Recycling program

Acceptable Recyclable Materials

• White & colored (no neon bright colors), coated & non-coated paper
• Open mail (with non-paper items removed; window envelopes & labels OK)
• Adding machine tape, accounting ledgers, tabulating & time cards
• Pamphlets,brochures, advertising flyers, posters
• Booklets & magazines & catalogs (less than 1/i” thick)
• Carbonless multi-forms (i.e., NCR paper)
• Paper from legal,steno, note & message pads; sticky notes
• Fax & telex sheets, computer & copy paper
• Manilla or pastel file folders 9no brown,dark green or neon
• Shredded paper in a secured,clear plastic bag
• Please put white paper in a separate bag if possible;this is the only time plastic bags should go in a recycling container

Paperboard/chipboard (like cereal or stationery boxes. Exception: no paperboard with metallic and wax coating)
Phone books,Newspaper & brown bags
Fiberboard (like paper egg cartons & some packing material); Milk & juice cartons

#6 polystyrene (Styrofoam) food containers and packing blocks (no “peanuts’)
Corrugated cardboard (flatten & cut as needed to fit in container)
#1 & #2 plastic bottles & jugs with necks or screw-on lids (no tubs,pails)
Steel & tin cans (including non-aerosol cans);Aluminum cans & foil & foil baking pans

Unacceptable Recyclable Materials

Plastic bags
Yard/Landscape debris
Wide-mouthed plastic containers (i.e. yogurt containers)
Paper: plates, cups, towels & Tissue paper
Glass food & beverage containers, Window glass, Mirrors
Ceramics, crystal
Plastic chairs
Glued binders, Blueprints
Hazardous items
Medical supplies
Green/food waste


Make sure materials are clean, empty & dry & have no food or beverage residue. Throw very dirty items in the garbage. Do not flatten cans, jugs or bottles; leave labels on. Bottle caps can be recycled on or off. Put items In container individually, not inside of boxes, etc.
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