Student Housing in Tucson Move In Tips

Student Housing Move In Tips

Student Housing Move-In Tips to Save Time and Sanity

As anyone who has gone to college can attest, the University of Arizona and Pima Community College students are in for a real adventure. Leaving home for the first time to begin this new adventure or chapter in your life can bring with it not only excitement but many challenges as well. None more so than the initial move in. Taking the necessary Student Housing Move-In tips to ensure your move is as smooth as possible is essential to starting your student housing experience the right way.

The key: preparation. Preparation in advance of your move will help you navigate your student housing move-in day as smoothly as possible. The following steps will help you with that preparation.


As you prepare for your student housing move-in experience, you may find yourself inundated with checklists and supply lists. Consolidate your lists, weeding out what is unnecessary and what you can do without or pick up at a later date. To help with the necessary items you will need for your time while staying at Sahara Apartments, we have provided a list of what to bring with you when you come to live at Sahara Apartments.

When you arrive, plan to spend a few hours getting your room set up. It might be beneficial to purchase or borrow a hand-cart or Moving Dollie to help move your boxes in. Be sure to bring dusting rags, sanitizing wipes and other cleaning items to make sure your room is the state of cleanliness that you prefer. Be sure to visit our What to bring with you list referenced above.

Should you forget something on your list, we provide nightly shuttle grocery runs as well as trips to the local shopping malls free to our residents. Click here to learn more and see the grocery shuttle schedule.


A week or so in advance, find an area in your home to stage everything so you can group similar items for packing.

Large plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are ideal for transporting clothes, personal items, room decorations, and books. Beware of making them too heavy, in case your room is located on the second floor. Note: Sahara Apartments has elevators available to make your move in easier.

If you are traveling to Sahara Apartments by vehicle, be sure to purchase a clothing rod for the back seat of your car, especially if you have a large quantity of clothing on hangars. You will need to make a few trips carrying armloads of clothing, but they will be a cinch to hang inside your closet.

Hang up any curtains, lanterns or string lights, and bulletin boards and frames. If you brought an area carpet or throw rug with you, place it on the floor before you moving anything else into your apartment or studio. Note: All apartments at Sahara Apartments come with wall to wall carpeting in all living spaces except for bath and kitchen areas.

It’s also a good idea to test all of the electrical outlets as well as the water faucets, sink, and shower. If there are any issues with any of these items be sure to contact our front desk immediately.

It might be a good idea to Bring a small toolbox with you to help with the assembly and installation of your personal items. Remember, all of our student housing apartments come fully-furnished so there is no need to buy any additional furniture or appliances.

Some items are either too large to bring with you or are often forgotten such as Vacuum cleaners, brooms, and dustpans. As a service to our residents, Sahara Apartments provides such items at no cost to our residents. There is a small deposit required that is returned to you upon the return of the item(s). For more information as well as a list of the items we provide, be sure to visit our Items We Loan Out Page.


If you are planning to have your own vehicle while you live at the Sahara, you must rent a parking space (We have only open air parking spaces available.). These spaces are behind our locked auto gates and are surrounded by a perimeter wall with security cameras monitoring the areas; our infrared perimeter alarm system is in place to protect against intruders entering the parking area unnoticed.

Parking spaces are rented at only $25 a month. You will be assigned a specific parking space reserved for your use only.

For those not bringing a vehicle with them, we provide a shuttle service to and from the UofA campus. Be sure to visit our Parking and Transportation Page for all of the details.

By the time everything is said in done with your student housing move-in experience you may be exhausted. Take comfort and rejoice that you have reached this stage of independence in your life. Our goal here at Sahara Apartments is to offer you the best very off campus student housing experience in Tucson possible.

A note to parents of students

Your student may insist that they don’t need anything else and that you should leave. Even your offers to go to the grocery store and grab snacks may be rebuffed. Know that this is normal.

With the availability of internet shopping and excellent cafeteria food these days, sometimes all you can do for your child is pray for them. And that may be plenty.

Be sure to let your child know that you will send them anything they forgot that can’t be replaced locally. Sahara Apartments has several items that are either too large to bring with you or often forgotten such as Vacuum cleaners, brooms, and dustpans. There is a small deposit required that is returned to you upon the return of the item loaned out that can be loaned to residents. For more information, be sure to visit our Items We Loan Out Page

And ask them to promise to call or text you at least once a day until classes begin – just because you are interested, not worried.


You may be exhausted when you get back home ó or to your hotel room if the college is far from home. Take comfort in the fact that you did your best to help, and rejoice that your child has reached this stage in their independence!